Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How many lives are we living?

Every one of us wants to be that one in a million lucky guy – don’t we? That one who has all the luck and the success and more… But suppose, you ARE that O.I.M. (one in Million) –how exactly are you supposed to know? Would someone knock your temple – congrats – u r a certified OIM !!!! or something like that?

I for one got to know via my mentor – who also happened to be one – O.I.M.! Yup – you heard it right – I am an OIM!!! Please remember that you heard it here first – on your favorite radio channel :-)

After all, we all live in a time that is truly one in a million! There has never been time like this in past billions of years! Looking at mankind’s present downward spiral, I am almost sure that there won’t be ever be party time like this in future too.

But the present is … well…. A true present – a gift!

Have you ever wondered how many lives a 21st century man can live? I listen to classics from average of 50-60 years period on my mp3 player. I speak to relatives thousands of kilometers away anytime I want. My average friend stays within 15-20 kms radius and I stay connected with friends within thousands of kms radius. I read novels from over 100 year period because new printing technologies allowed replication and preservation that was unfathomable just 1000 years back. My food plate contains choicest cuisines from across the globe. I travel for 40-50 kms everyday for my work – and fly continents for leisure. And it’s not only the span but also the depth or the quality of lives. I have exact and specific expert recommendations on almost everything I care to find out – be it trying out new cuisine, or listening to that Ghulam Ali ghazal or visiting a particular bi-lane in fort Kochi. Everything that today’s generation is seeing – be it theatre, music, arts, movies, writing – everything - is being witness to history being created in front of our eyes.

And last but no way the least – the peace. It is for the first time that masses are truly free from fear of being thrown out of his house, being torn away from his family, his peace being taken away forcefully. It’s the first time ever, when literally billions have come out of poverty – and are aspiring for a better life for their children.

What are you waiting for? Go –Live!