Saturday, August 24, 2013

The 100 Trillion elections and Political Illiteracy of the Mango Man!

Most young Indians get repelled by the deafening noise, lack of substance, callousness, double standards and above all corruption of the current day politics. They have an indifferent attitude towards all things political. Most of us are politically illiterate. We don’t know why BJP is right wing, why CPI is leftist and why Congress is centrist. It’s all so corrupt – we simply don’t care to know any of it.

Many don't realise that such Political illiteracy amongst the young educated Indians is a big threat to India's future. Amongst India’s middle classes & white collars, any discussion on politics is not encouraged.  Nor does it find interested young participants. It’s as if we have called a pseudo non cooperation movement against all things political.

By doing so we are rejecting the very tools our forefathers left for us to uplift our nation. The power vested in the publicly elected political institutions was supposed to ensure glory for our great nation. Our forefathers fought hard for our independence and debated hard for the kind of system we want. They could not have imagined a situation so early-on, where their future generation would simply be not interested in the political system they bled for.

Sadly, this reference to context of how the power is to be implemented by the citizens for the citizens is completely lost & forgotten by the young India. How many of us know that the electorate mandate to be given in coming Lok Sabha elections is worth a cool Rs 100 Trillion. (in FY 14 alone the Union public spending was at Rs 16.5 lac crores OR Rs 16.5 Trillions).  That’s approximately Rs 5 lacs for a family of 5– and that’s your tax money we are talking about. Double that and you will get the expenditure made by your state and municipality.

But today’s youth wants none of it –and instead finds solace in some NGO activism that soothes their mind. Very much like our weak prime minister whose personal ethical hygiene is useless to reform the cabinet of thugs that he leads. We fail to see that the very future of our country lies in our own hands.

We can begin by investing at least one hour a week in debating politics – which can set the ball rolling.  Let’s pledge to eliminate the political illiteracy that resides amongst many of us. Let us begin by respecting our politicians – at least the good ones; for they are gallantly carrying out the nation building responsibilities that most of us are shirking. We will have to know them, their policies, views, debates, background & reasons. We need to get involved, spend time, get influenced and influence others. We must form political opinions, jump from the proverbial fence and take sides… actions if needed. That process by itself will revolutionalise everything else.

Let your vote in this election be a studied vote, a well deliberated vote, an awakened vote and ultimately a quality vote that our Rs 100 trillion elections deserve.

Patriotism is dead

Patriotism is no more aspirational & cool as it was 30-40 years back and for a period of 50-60 years before that. We all are busy buying our 3bhks, iphones & SUVs. We don’t have stomach for social issues that are ailing us.

Nobody dreams big for the society & the nation. Nation building is left to the politicians – who were meant to serve the citizens. The lack of involvement in the socio - political process on part of the citizens has reversed the situation.  The servant is now the master! The citizens of the country are akin to the incompetent supervisors - who don't know how to get any work done from their subordinates. We don't give a clear mandate, can't force accountability and fail to select the right candidates.

Worst, we ridicule our politicians publically- only to ensure that the least qualified amongst us will aspire to become politicians in future. One cursory look at the future crop of politicians in your locality is enough to know how bleak the future is going to be. The current situation can only be blamed on us - the citizens.

We need the best amongst us to serve as politicians. Nation building is like marriage – it’s all important & you have to work at it. We need to start contributing to the socio-political process in whichever capacity we can –instead of watching and cracking stupid politician jokes, like bystanders.