Saturday, August 24, 2013

Patriotism is dead

Patriotism is no more aspirational & cool as it was 30-40 years back and for a period of 50-60 years before that. We all are busy buying our 3bhks, iphones & SUVs. We don’t have stomach for social issues that are ailing us.

Nobody dreams big for the society & the nation. Nation building is left to the politicians – who were meant to serve the citizens. The lack of involvement in the socio - political process on part of the citizens has reversed the situation.  The servant is now the master! The citizens of the country are akin to the incompetent supervisors - who don't know how to get any work done from their subordinates. We don't give a clear mandate, can't force accountability and fail to select the right candidates.

Worst, we ridicule our politicians publically- only to ensure that the least qualified amongst us will aspire to become politicians in future. One cursory look at the future crop of politicians in your locality is enough to know how bleak the future is going to be. The current situation can only be blamed on us - the citizens.

We need the best amongst us to serve as politicians. Nation building is like marriage – it’s all important & you have to work at it. We need to start contributing to the socio-political process in whichever capacity we can –instead of watching and cracking stupid politician jokes, like bystanders.


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